There are numerous video and image exploitation capabilities available today. The Open Media Processing Framework (OpenMPF) provides a framework for chaining, combining, or replacing individual components for the purpose of experimentation and comparison.

OpenMPF is a non-proprietary, scalable framework that permits practitioners and researchers to construct video, imagery, and audio exploitation capabilities using the available third-party components. Using OpenMPF, one can extract targeted entities in large-scale data environments, such as face and object detection.

OpenMPF Workflow Diagram

For those developing new exploitation capabilities, OpenMPF exposes a set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for extending media analytics functionality. The APIs allow integrators to introduce new algorithms capable of detecting new targeted entity types. For example, a backpack detection algorithm could be integrated into an OpenMPF instance. OpenMPF does not restrict the number of algorithms that can operate on a given media file, permitting researchers, practitioners, and developers to explore arbitrarily complex composites of exploitation algorithms.